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Bambury Developing Partnerships

Dear Tony

Leonardo da Vinci Application: The Bambury: raising the Capacity of the Community

Camlachie is located at the heart of the east end of Glasgow and is a designated area of multi-deprivation which houses a high number of local people who experience a cocktail of poverty related factors which restrict their life opportunities and life quality. The Bambury Regeneration Centre was opened in April 2001 to represent a vehicle to bring local people together under one roof, to work together to eradicate poverty and to create a cohesive, safe and vibrant community where local people choose to live and raise their families.

A high number of local unemployed people currently work as volunteers within our centre, giving freely of their time to help other local people through the delivery of a wide range of activities and services, including: childcare, after school care, learning and training programmes and leisure and recreational activities.

Many of the volunteers who work within the Bambury are aiming to develop their skills and experience to a level that will enable them to access full time employment or education and they are eager to access any opportunity that will help them to achieve their aim. Taking account of local people’s commitment to personal development and the development of their community a European trip would greatly increase their awareness of opportunities which exist in a “world” context and would also enable to them identify practices which could be replicated in Glasgow’s east end.

Bearing in mind the positive benefits which Camlachie residents could accrue from a visit to another country the Bambury fully endorses innovative programmes like the Leonardo Project and exchange initiatives such as that proposed by the KanDo initiative.

David McDermott, Chief Executive, Bambury