“May peace prevail on earth”

GMB Scotland

Dear Keith

As a Trade Union representing those working in the Sport Sector, the GMB is particularly aware of the challenging nature of a career in that sector and the extremely competitive processes involved in securing continued employment. This is a major concern in the case of young professional sportspersons in Scotland who may find considerable difficulty in attaining opportunities to extend employment in their sport within Scotland post-apprenticeship.

This being the case, it is important that they are aware of the opportunities within their industry on a European rather than justa local context, and are prepared for the challenge of identifying both work practices and opportunities beyond Scotland. Any extended range of opportunities will be to the benefit of these individuals.

Consequently, and bearing in mind the positive benefits accrued by those staff who may have experienced the sporting environment in other countries through programmes such as the Leonardo Project, the 0MB would wish to commend innovative mobility projects such as the proposed Kando initiative in its efforts to introduce out of contract sports professionals to employers in other European member states.

In these circumstances, I am pleased to offer the GMB’s support to this application by Kando. From past experience of other award-winning project work instigated and carried out by your staff in the field of employability, I am confident that the provision will again be of high quality and the outcomes positive. Their general project experience and skills and their knowledge of this particularly challenging skill sector, combined with the extensive organisational and network expertise which you bring to the process, ensures confidence in supporting your submission.

Harry Donaldson, Regional Secretary, GMB SCOTLAND